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Courtney Rose _ Beauty by C.Rose Design


I’m a licensed cosmetologist, specializing in hair, nails & makeup. Before I was ever licensed, I began using natural remedies for skin and hair care, making hair products for myself, and a few friends. They were good products, however, I pursued other professional interests in life. So I stopped making products. I made my way back into the beauty industry, this time as a licensed professional. I began to get access to a ton of products on the market. And would always dream of seeing and having my own product line.

Now, I’m a Southern girl (I live in Tx, but I’m from New Orleans, La). Anyway, I always think back to winters in New Orleans, as a child. Winter was never too harsh but it got cold enough. I recall my mother and Grams (grandma), always applying lotion to my siblings and I, before leaving either house. That would help “Stop you from catchin cold.” - Grams.

But, it was no ordinary lotion. The ordinary lotion didn’t work well for us. Mama and Grams’ lotion mixtures, nurtured, and protected our skin. Their ingredient choices were always natural and coated with generational wisdom that has been passed down.

So, what does that have to do with my products? It has EVERYTHING to do with them! A fellow stylist’s toddler would scratch, relentlessly. Even, to the point of scarring. He suffered from eczema. One day, while at my mother’s house (who was his babysitter at the time), went into her kitchen and whipped up a small batch of lotion for him. I applied the mixture to his arms and legs, which seemed to soothe his urge to scratch almost immediately. Later that night, his mother called, making a request for more, as it had in fact relieved the itching and his skin remained hydrated. Then, BOOM! I was in business. Often, I’m asked, what I put in my products to make them work so well. Two of those ingredients are quality and love. Just like the stuff I was
raised on!

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